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Harvest Period: April - June

After a long winter, these colorful stalks are the first taste-able sign of spring and a new harvest season! A well-balanced veggie, asparagus contains a multitude of nutrients such as folic acid, potassium, fiber, and much more!
Storage Tips: 
Keep your asparagus in the refrigerator by wrapping the ends in damp paper towel OR standing in a jar          (a mason jar, for example) with water covering about an inch of the bottoms.

Beans: green & yellow wax

Harvest Period: June - Frost

Storage Tips:

Keep fresh beans in a plastic bag in the refrigerator crisper drawer.

Beets: red & golden

Harvest Period: June - November

Storage Tips:  Beet roots and stems/greens should be stored separately!


Beet Greens - cut the beet greens & stems from the beet root, leaving about an inch of the stem with the root. Store unwashed greens in a plastic bag, removing as much air as possible, in the refrigerator. Beet greens wilt easily, so it's best to use them within 1-3 days.


Beet roots - Store your beet roots unwashed in a plastic bag, removing as much air as possible, in the refrigerator. Beet roots can stay firm, fresh, and flavorful for up to 2-3 weeks!


Harvest Period: July - early September

Storage Tips: 

Don't wash your berries until you are ready to eat them! Keep in a covered container in the refrigerator. If possible, it's best keep berries in a single layer!


Harvest Period: August - November+

Storage Tips:

Keep unwashed broccoli in a sealed container or plastic bag in the refrigerator. Wash when you are ready to use!

Brussels Sprouts

Harvest Period: September - November+

Storage Tips:

Store unwashed sprouts in a plastic bag in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. It is also best to leave sprouts untrimmed until you are ready to use them.


Harvest Period: September - November+

Storage Tips:

Cabbage likes it cool! To keep your whole head of cabbage fresh, place it in a plastic bag and refrigerate (either in the crisper drawer or on a shelf). Cabbage will stay fresh this way for up to about 2 weeks. 

If you are not using the entire head at once, wrap the other half in plastic wrap and refrigerate.


Harvest Period: July - November

Storage Tips:

For a whole cantaloupe that is not quite ready to enjoy, place it on your counter to ripen. To slow the ripening process, pop it in the fridge!


*Cut cantaloupe should be refrigerated.


Harvest Period: July - November

Carrots! Carrots! Carrots! A rich source for the well known antioxident beta-carotene, carrots compliment almost any dish! From soups, salad, stir frys, a simple side dish, or just a healthy snack, carrots are a great vegetable to have on hand. Luckily, they are a hearty root vegetable and can last a little longer than some of our other favorites if stored correctly.


Storage Tips:

If you purchase carrots with their tops: Cut the tops from the carrot root before storing. Why? The tops will pull moisture from the root, causing the carrots to dry out at a faster rate. 

*Store carrot roots in a plastic bag and keep refrigerated. If you notice condensation forming, a little paper towel can help!

*If consuming the tops, lightly wrap in paper towel, place in a plastic bag, and store in the refrigerator. Be sure to use them within a day or two, since carrot greens wilt pretty quick.




Harvest Period: August - November+

Fresh Cauliflower is best stored in the refrigerator stem-side down (this prevents moisture from collecting in the florets, causing the head to spoil faster) in a plastic or paper bag.

The cool temperatures of the crisper drawers in a refrigerator will keep a raw, unwashed head of cauliflower fresh for a week to 10 days. 

Cauliflower that has already been washed and prepped into florets should be kept for no longer than 3 or 4 days. You should eat cooked cauliflower within 2 to 3 days, otherwise it may start to smell sulfur-y.


Harvest Period: October - November


Collard Greens

Harvest Period: September - November+


Corn: bi-color & white super sweet

Harvest Period: July - November


Cucumbers / Kirby's

Harvest Period: June - 1st frost

Cucumbers are a refreshing snack and great for hydrating the body! Packed with loads of vitamins and minerals, cucumbers are a vegetable that's great to have on hand! 

Storage tips:

Did you know fresh cucumbers can be stored right on your countertop?


Harvest Period: July - November



Harvest Period: May - November



Harvest Period: August - November



Harvest Period: July - November



Harvest Period: May - November



Harvest Period: June - November



Harvest Period: July - November



Harvest Period: June - November+



Harvest Period: May - November



Harvest Period: September - November+



Harvest Period: May - November *



Harvest Period: May - early July


Sugar Snap Peas

Harvest Period: May - June



Harvest Period: July - November


Sweet Potatoes

Harvest Period: September - November


Swiss Chard

Harvest Period: June - October



Harvest Period: July - November



Harvest Period: July - November



Harvest Period: June - November


Winter Squash

Harvest Period: August - November+


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