2020 CSA Program


Community supported agriculture is a relationship founded on support and commitment between farmer (that's us!) and consumer (hey you!). Each year we offer a limited number of 'shares' for purchase during the winter and early spring, before the season begins. In return, consumers will receive a weekly bounty throughout the growing season. For the farmer, the investment helps with startup costs and planning for the new season. For the member, the farmer is committed to providing a share of the harvest that is hand selected for quality, freshness, and ripeness throughout the growing season. 

What is a csa?

Peace of mind:

Know where your food is coming from, who is growing it, and how. Our Calverton soil has been feeding families for over 100 years. As a 5th generation farm, we take pride in maintaining and preserving the health of our land and community for today, and future generations. We make a strong effort to implement sustainable farming practices, programs, and work closely with Cornell to ensure safety within our farming operation.

Nourish your Health

Enjoy the harvest directly from our fields, to your table! We carefully harvest your vegetables within 24 hours of your pick-up! Produce picked and consumed at its peak ripeness provides full flavor and the most nutritional benefits. Stock your kitchen with fresh produce, diversify your palate, and know that a healthy meal is available right at home!




Growing relationships & support:

Develop a relationship with the farmer who grows your food, connect with the community, and feel good about supporting a family farm and the local economy!

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2020 share details:

Eat Seasonally, Healthy, & Fresh throughout the Long Island growing season! Our share begins on June 12, 2020 and runs until November 20, 2020. By becoming a CSA member you will have the opportunity to enjoy a healthy rainbow of colors and flavors right from our farm to your plate! Please read the share details below so you pick one that's right for you!

*Pick-up days are every Friday at our Farm Stand from 11am-5pm!*


Please note that the Smithtown CSA shares are to be picked up at the Watermill Caterers located at 711 Smithtown Bypass, Smithtown NY 11787

Partial Share: 5-7 items weekly

Perfect for:

A family of 2

A single veggie lover 

A family of 4 that cooks a few times a week

$20 per week = $480

*Please note: If you are signing up past June 12th, the price will be adjusted in your cart based on how many weeks are left for the share!

Full Share: 8-10 items weekly

Perfect for:

A family of 4 that cooks often

A family of 2 that loves veggies

A single vegetarian/vegan that uses veggies in most meals

$30 per week = $720  

*Please note: If you are signing up past June 12th, the price will be adjusted in your cart based on how many weeks are left for the share!

What is considered an "item" you ask? An example of an item might be...


3 cucumbers

2 lbs. of tomatoes

A head of lettuce

4 zucchini

3lbs of potatoes

A bunch of herbs

1/2 doz. corn


Fruit Share

July 10th - November 6th

Enjoy 18 weeks of locally grown fruit along with your fresh veggies

for just $10.00 per week/$180 for the season!

retail value of  $270 or $15/week!

Below you will find examples of the fruit you may receive throughout the growing season. There is not as much fruit variety as there is vegetables, so you will likely receive the same type of fruit for a few weeks while in season (but that's the beauty of eating local)!  

Keep in mind these time frames are an estimate and ultimately depends on good ol' Mother Nature!

*Any fruit we do not grow we supplement from other local farms!*

Blueberries: July - mid August

Raspberries: July - August

Blackberries: Late July - August

Peaches (variety): Mid July - September

Nectarines: Mid July - September

Plums: Late July - September

Melons (watermelon/cantaloupe): Late July - September (sometimes early October)

Pears: September - October

Apples: Late Aug/September - October/November

*Please note:  To be happy with this fruit share, you must be an apple lover! You will receive apples only in your fruit share for the last few weeks, as they are the last fruit of the season!

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